How do I get more faith?

Faith. Sometimes I hate this word. We just throw this word 'faith' around in the Christian world and many times we miss use it or don't even fully understand what 'faith' means. We often say, "you need to have more faith" Or "If only I had more faith."  We try to make it into something … Continue reading How do I get more faith?

Giving Tuesday

On this global day of gratitude I am reminded of all those who give and support ministries and missionaries around the world.  I am so grateful for the people in our life who support us!  Those who believe God lives and works.  They are people who support us financially.  They are people who support us … Continue reading Giving Tuesday

Courage To Face Your Real Missionary Mom Fears

As a missionary mom there are two different paths on how to raise children. Neither one is easier or better, people have to decide for themselves and both have pros and cons. Each family is different. The first, one-parent stays at home being the primary caretaker homeschooling, homemaking, and inviting people into their home. The … Continue reading Courage To Face Your Real Missionary Mom Fears


I know I am not alone. As a woman who has multiple sizes of clothing in her closet due to the fact that my body doesn’t go much more than a year without getting pregnant and the effects that it takes on it. Lets just say my body is not the same as when I … Continue reading Enough