My heart is overflowing with peace! Peace that transcends all understanding. 
As, we look back at this summer peace is what allowed us to have a worry free and stress free time. There where many times before the summer even began we started to think ‘how are we going to do this’? Edgar was gone for 3 weeks, as Jamie needed to train and send out 3 short-term missions teams simultaneously. Then he came back and we left for another short-term missions trip with a church. Followed by Edgar leaving again to Mexico for a short-term missions trip with a church from Chicago all the while Jamie was back in Minnesota sending out another 2 teams and taking care of the girls. Before we know it August was here and we were getting ready for a week long Latino Youth Discipleship Camp, followed by leading a VBS for a Latino Church and then helping another Latino church celebrate their anniversary while we lead their children’s program all weekend long. There are many more things, but the point is that God’s peace is what allowed this summer to be so joyful!

“Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ.” –Sheila Walsh

When youth groups come to YWAM Minneapolis for their short-term missions trip its not about the training we give them and the missions experience but its about passing on a deeper understanding of God’s call to us to Go and Make Disciples of all Nations. Giving youth a passion to share in word and deed, all the while opening their eyes to the world around them. 

One of my favorite experiences from this summer was when we went up to northern Minnesota to Nett Lake where the Ojibwa live on the Boise Forte Reservation with a Korean group from Chicago. We stayed at the Baptist church where they lead a VBS in the afternoon. These youth where able to connect in a way that I have never seen short-term teams do before. I would literally walk around and see kids praying for another one or having a deep conversation. As the youth from the youth group opened up so did the kids. Our hearts are broken for them. Many of the Ojibwa children live in broken homes, parents in prison or who have abounded them. Their homes look nice on the outside but once you step inside you are overcome with sadness. 

 It was amazing to see how people would just stop by and want to visit with us. Many of the evenings we would go play basketball or have a bonfire with the people. We were able to speak into so many of their lives and pray over them.

Isabella and Emma had a blast.  They loved the VBS every day and being able to hang out with other kids and the youth groups.  Isabella will still recite many of the Bible memory verses she learned with the motions!  She loved having her face painted everyday.  Granted it took some work to wash it off.  

One evening we went to the bear sanctuary that is literally just down the road.  The girls loved seeing the brown bear up close.  There was probably more than 20 bears there.  Unfortunetly, the Bouse Forte Reservation has lots of issues with these bears in early spring before the bear sanctuary opens up for the season and starts to feed them.  Thankfully no one has ever been hurt.  

One interesting fact is that the majority of Minnesota’s wild rice is grown by the Owibja people. 


I can’t believe it’s been 5 years

As I reflect and think back, I am flooded with emotions. It already seems like a life time ago. So much has happened-a change of country, 2 more children, and lots of life experiences.

I remember it so very clearly. We had been living with my in-laws for a month while our apartment was getting redone and ready for us to live in.  My in-laws have a small two bedroom apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Where my in-laws lived, my sister-in-law, and the rest of the extended family coming in and out constantly.  

So when the day came for us to move into our place. I was so happy.  It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Not that I didn’t  like living with my in-laws.  It was more of the nesting; of having everything in its place, cleaned and ready for baby.  And I am a little of a control freak and wanted everything in its place where I wanted it.  I think mostly because childbirth is uncertain and non controllable.  

It was about 9 or 10 at night.  We finally had everything at our place and our bed ready.  We lived in a neighborhood where you could literally walk to everything.  So we went to grab dinner and a few things for breakfast.  On our way back I remember feeling a sharp pain.  I stopped and told Edgar.  Then we continued on, go home, we talked for a while and unpacked some more.  An hour had gone by and then finally I felt another cramp like pain.

I was getting kind of excited but yet thinking that’s it’s Braxton hix.  So we decided to go to bed.  Edgar was out within minutes. Me on the other hand – not even close.  About 15 minutes later I felt another and then another. It all of a sudden was about every 5-15 minutes.  

I remember thinking let Edgar rest as much as he can. I didn’t want him awake if it was a false alarm. 

One of my greatest fears was to have a cesarean. Mexico has one of the highest cesarean delivery rates internationally at 49%. The second highest in the Western Hemisphere.  The most interesting statistics was that in the private sector hospitals the rate jumped to 70.1% (27.5% emergencies and 42.6% planned). And I had this fear that if I was to go in that I would end up with an unnecessary cescerean birth.  I had read and educated myself on natural child birth. Talked to a number of different women who had given birth in Mexico.  Heard many stories of planned and emergency cescereans.  I actually contemplated the idea of a traditional midwife (which in this case I am referring to the elderly ladies of a village who helps those in childbirth that have no degree in that field).  But was to afraid that something could go wrong and that I would be to far away from a hospital.  My mind was consumed with all these fears.

I remember telling myself to not let others see my fear.  Knowing that if I spoke it out that my fear would increase.  Based upon the reaction of that other person.  I was tell myself to trust in the Lord and to cast all my fears upon Him.

So I continued to have contractions throughout the night at every 5 minute lasting roughly a minute.  Finally at 4 am I woke Edgar up.  At this point I was pacing back and forth in the little apartment hallway.  I packed my bags for the hospital.  Drank lots of water and was literally going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  I ate breakfast at this time.  Around 5 am we called the Obgyn and told her what was going on.  She told us that we would have another 10 hours or more of labor.  At this point I started to doubt if I could do it naturally.  Then about 30 minutes later the contractions switched gear and started coming faster, longer and harder.  I heard that water can take the pain away and sometimes even slow them down plus I was sweaty. So I jumped in the shower, yeah I was out of there as fast as I got in.  Told Edgar that we had to call my Obgyn back and tell her that we were on our way to the hospital.  That was an hour from our place in good traffic.  Thankful it was still early enough.  He called her and know what she told us, “if Jamie is not crying, she’s not far enough to go in, so I’ll see you at my office in an hour.”  So we hoped in the car.  

All I remember was thinking just breath, stay calm, don’t come out yet.  With every bump and pot hole, I kept thinking Lord give me the strength I need. It was one of the longest car ride I have even been in.

As we stood waiting, my arms wrapped around Edgar’s shoulders swaying side to side to ease the pain.  Once my Obgyn saw us, she told us to jump in her car.  The hospital was just blocks away.  Once there she took me into an examination room to see how far along I was. All I can remember was her yelling, “I see the head” quickly Edgar was whisked away to put on his Blue suit and I was wheeled down the hallway.  Which ment I was holding onto the arm rest holding up my body. (I didn’t want to sit on baby’s head after hearing that).  

Literally Isabella Grace came out in 3 pushes at 7 am.  Perfect and heathy weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.  

It took us a long time to decide on her name.  Isabella means devoted to God and Grace means goodness and generosity of God’s grace. Thus, meaning she is devoted to God and of showing His goodness, generosity and grace.  

We speak that over her yesterday, today and forever!  

Happy birthday Isabella!!!



Summer Adventure

Everyone loves summer.  No school, sleeping in, going to the beach, grilling out, and family vacations are just a few of the things that make summer AWESOME!!  

This year our summer will be an adventure!!  Edgar leaves in mid June for 3 weeks to Peru where he will be leading a group of 36 young adults on a mission trip.  They will be working with a local church.  They will spend their mornings working on 3 homes in the cool of the morning, then VBS in the afternoon and street evangelism in the evenings.  
While Edgar is gone I will be finishing up logistical details for 2 more short term mission groups to Pine Ridge, SD that leave while he’s gone.  I will be training the YWAM leaders, communicating with youth leaders and our ministry contacts, and finalizing budgets and menus.  

Edgar will come back and celebrate the 4th of July with us.  We have another three groups heading back out to Pine Ridge, SD in July. Where they will be serving breakfast to veterans, children’s ministry and serving them lunch as well, then a number of simple work projects.  The evening will be a mixture of different cultural events from eating traditional Indian tacos, story telling, crafts with then and visiting local historical sites.  We will be leading another group up to northern Minnesota.  Then at the end of the month Edgar flys to Mexico to lead another group that’s focusing on children’s ministry and street evangelism.  I have a feeling July is going to fly by quickly. 

In August we have a little bit of breathing room.  Friends, Kallie and Ben, will be getting married!  I can’t wait.  Then we are holding a week long Latino Youth Camp.  Then the following week we will be leading the VBS program for a Latino Church in Minneapolis.  Then we have our YWAM Minneapolis staff Conference where we all will be serving at a couple of local ministries that we partner with throughout the year and we will be talking about our vision and mission for the next year. By the end of the summer more than 180 youth will have gone through the short term mission trip program called Mission Adventures with us.
We will have a week or so to debrief our summer, clean, finalize expenses and share stories of the summer. Then we are off to Kansas City for the YWAM together conference where more than 4,000 YWAMers from around the globe will gather to hear about what God is doing globally and where He is leading us as a mission.


The unknown places

In our busy world today it is easy to drive by a place and not even realize it.  In a small suburban area of Minneapolis this happens everyday.  Just outside of a booming development of Maple Grove lies a trailer park home called Maple Hill Estates also known as little Mexico.  I can guarantee you that very few people know of this tiny little community.  

This is a very special community made up of people from all different races, cultures, ethnicity and languages.  Yes, there is a large immigrant population but not all.  There is this amazing ministry called Mobile Hope empowering its residents.  YWAM has a couple working and living full-time there.

You will find on the wall Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  

Many things are held in this building from homework help classes, woman’s bible study, an exercise room, craft nights, English classes, youth group ministry, food distribution  and so many showers and events.

This spring we took a couple of teams out there. It’s also fun to hang out with the children and have conversations with the residents.   We were able to and help do some spring cleaning of a couple of widowed ladies.  As we were taking up the leavings the lady of the home kept saying how thankful she was.  

Sometimes deep conversations with kids come through beads.  It’s those little things like taking the time to be with them.  Asking questions and sharing stories and being real with them.  They know if your fake or flakey. 

The laughter is contagious.  In all reality the children come because they feel safe and want to have fun.  Teaching them through songs, games, activities and so much more.

I am so glad that there are ministries like this.  Caring and sharing Gods love in a very tangible way.  


Reaching Minneapolis 

This past spring we worked with Redeemer Lutheran Church from Minnesota  and King’s School from Seattle, Washington. 

We discovered Gods heart for the city and for the people.  God opened our eyes to what is going on around us.  We saw the need to share Gods love.  With thousand of immigrants and refugees flooding to the Twin Cities, the downtown is an ever changing melting pot of the nations.  It’s common to walk the streets and easily hear 3 different languages spoken. It’s like stepping into another world and walking from one country to another all within the same city.  

We went around the city handing out lunches to homeless and praying for people. We started by just praying and asking God to show us who we should talk to.  It’s not common for Christians to step out of the church doors and go up to people and just talk. Actually when I mention to youth pastors the idea of evangelism, almost always, they shoot down the idea.  They rather do serve projects, children’s ministry or helping out at a shelter. It’s too far out of our comfort zone.  But in all reality it shouldn’t be.  It should be a natural overflow of our love for God.  Unfortunately we allow the fear of man set in.  “What will they think of me”, “what if they reject me”, “I don’t know what to say.”  

Everyone desires to be loved.  People deep down want to have real and honest relationships and conversations with other people.

As we walked, we talked to numerous people.  But one in particular stood out.  We kept seeing graffiti that stood out to us. As some of the girls took pictures a young mom came out with her two daughters.  I started talking immediately with her.  Found out her husband works for a Christian ministry that feeds the homeless.  We talked for about 30 minutes and we were able to encourage her and pray for them.  

Just around the corner we saw another group talking with the a man.  Their conversation went on for more than an hour.  Another group talked with a man who was at first very indifferent. As they continued he started to cry.  

There a many wonderful ministries that work downtown.  It’s amazing to see and be a part of what God is doing in the city.  Especially to see the power of God once you allow Him to use you.

Prayer Time Aug 10-10

How do I get more faith?


Sometimes I hate this word. We just throw this word ‘faith’ around in the Christian world and many times we miss use it or don’t even fully understand what ‘faith’ means.

We often say, “you need to have more faith” Or “If only I had more faith.”  We try to make it into something that we can feel.  But one cannot feel faith.  Faith is not the same as hope.  Faith is not our confession of our belief in God.

Faith is the assurance of the authority that God has given us: over the devil, over the world, for healing, for prophecy, that we can move mountains, that nothing is impossible with God.

We often ask, “how do I get more faith?”  And we often respond with prayer…okay, true but not completely helpful.  In 1 Corinthians 12 it talks about the gift of faith.  Which, tends to lead us down the road of why does this person have more faith than me and we become passive.  We hear over and over that faith comes by hearing.   Let me elaborate with a couple of stories from the Bible.

IMG_5344Luke 17:5-10 The infamous faith as a mustard seed.  If you look carefully at the story Jesus’s answer would be ‘do what you have been commanded to do.’ Faith comes through obedience.  That long every day type of obedience.  Not the just one and done type of thing.  Faith is listening to God and obeying Him.  Doing what He has called you to do day in and day out.  We need to listen and hear God.  Many times we get too busy and too distracted to hear God.  We put on our earplugs of routine and comfort and forget about God.  How do we move a mountain?  By moving each and every rock day in and day out until its completely moved.  By doing what is possible so God can do the impossible. It takes time.  But before we know it the mountain is move.

So how can we listen and hear God?  Read His word, take time to meditate on it, sit in silence and listen to what He is speaking to you.  Many times we need to get adjusted to doing this in order to hear His voice.  God often speaks through other people, songs, words, and He often puts a reminder through our thoughts or conscience.

Once we hear from God, we need to act.  It can be scary to do at times.  Sometimes our own pride gets in the way.  We are afraid of what others might think or say.  God delights in our obedience.

Faith is the assurance of the authority that God has given us.  The key to understanding authority is being under authority.  Under God’s authority.  Take for instance the story of a Centurion (Matthew 8).  The centurion had great faith; he believed that his servant would be healed just by Jesus’s word.  Jesus’s word was enough.  The centurion had the assurance of the authority that Jesus healed his servant.

Jesus called Peter to walk on water.  Peter took steps of obedience.  The moment Peter doubted God, he started to sink.  How many times do I start to walk out in obedience and then doubt?  It is easy to not have the assurance of God’s authority.

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias in the Temple.  The angel told Zacharias that he and Elizabeth will have a son.  (Luke 1) Zacharias doubted and asked the angel, “How will I know this for certain?” How often do I respond to God, “how do I know this is true?”.  How often do I have that mindset?  How often do I belittle God’s authority?

It is so easy for us and comfortable to have the mindset of, “how do I know this is certian?”  This doubting mindset.  Because it doesn’t require us to fully believe in God and engage with Him.  We often find justification on why we doubt: I don’t see you God, where’s the money coming from, there is not enough people to do that ministry, people would think I am crazy to do that, no I am not gifted in speaking, that’s just ridiculous, that is impossible, that’s too crazy, that would put my family in danger,  ect.  We are pros at make excuses or justification.  People will pretty much do anything to avoid obeying God.  Like getting on a ship to avoid going to Nineveh.  But that does not mean that is correct.

In order to have authority we need to be under authority and that comes from obedience.  Obedience produces more faith.

Obedience is key to Faith.

If God is asking you to do something just do it.

As a parent I want what is best for my children.  I want them to obey my voice.  I don’t want them to doubt me.  I want them to trust me and have that assurance that everything is going to be okay.  God calls us to do this too.



When you learn to speak English 

At the core of what Edgar and I have been called to, now and throughout our years in missions, is to help people see themselves as God sees them…precious, worthy, valuable – their true identity…not how the world sees them or even how they see themselves.
We are so grateful to work in Minnesota with so many different people from different nations. One of the things that I love is how God has placed people from all over the Americas of different languages for His glory together.

Isabella hanging out with the students on a cultural outing

Throughout the year YWAM Minneapolis runs 6 different training programs to rise up the next generation for missions. One is the English Cross-Cultural Orientation where young people come in from other countries to learn English and to better understand the American culture. They come with a strong desire to deepen their relationship with God, but also to learn English in order to further spread the gospel.

students standing under their country flag

In January 12 students from Brazil, Columbia, Chile and Mexico arrived. Edgar worked one on one with them during their discipleship classes, driving them to the store and hanging out with them at our place. One of the most important things is having a genuine relationship. It’s where they open up and allows God to use us to speak into their life.

For the majority of them, this is a break from their busy life to really set everything aside to listen to God for direction in their life. It is a time where they are stretched, out of their comfort zone, language, culture, family, and can only depend on God.

Here are a few of students:

Ruth and Leo have been working in Haiti for the past 5 years and came to learn English to better communicate with the other missionaries and NGOs. They are going back to Chile to have their first child and to raise support before heading back to Haiti indefinitely. In Haiti they work with an orphanage sharing God’s love in a tangible way to children.

Evelyn and Rueben are from Brazil and are engaged to be married in late fall. They are currently studying and working to be medical missionaries in Africa. They have worked with YWAM in Brazil for a number of years. Evelyn is a RN and is interested in learning more about natural remedies to prevent disease and sickness without conventional medicine.


Vanessa is a 19 year old from Tijuana, Mexico. She recently graduated high school and is seeking God out for her future. She has a heart for children’s and youth ministry. She is currently in the Discipleship Training School and has a heart for missions. She is discovering God’s will for her life.

We strive to make a everyone feel valued just as God values them. Yes, at times its hard to understand them. Yes, it takes patience. Yes, it takes sacrifice of time and vulnerability to allow them into our life. Just as there are moments in my life that I’d rather be a home body and not be relational. I realize that God has created me to be in relation with others just as he is with us and himself. Each day its a struggle to grow more and more like Him, especially when it takes me out of my routine and comfort zone.  

Emma is 3

I can’t believe little Emma is three now.  She is into princesses, anything pink, tutus and anything messy.  So we decide to take the day and go to the Mall of America and go to the pop up children’s museum there, Legos and everything else.

At the end of the day we had a bunch of people over for cake and ice cream to celebrate!  Emma had a week long celebration with gifts arriving in the mail.  Thank you!  She felt so special and loved!

Happy Birthday Emma



 Last night 17 students from 6 different nations graduated from our Discipleship Training School. It was a special night with friends and family to celebrate God’s transforming work in their lives and through their lives! They were commissioned to go forth and preach the gospel to all nations. 

 They received 3 months of teachings here at YWAM Minneapolis that included nature and character of God, father heart of God, evangelism, our identity in God and so many more.  Edgar and I had the opportunity to teach them this past fall. For the past two months a group was in Argentina and another in South Africa/Swaziland.  

Many of them have shared with us how they have seen God move in ways they have never seen before and feel so close to God.  They served the homeless, broken hearted, flood victims, orphanes, and the local church.    

 We pray for them as they make desicions about what is next.  Some of them will come back to do either the Bible Study for Discipleship course or the School of Ministry Development.  Many of them will continue there education at their local university or college.  We pray that they will continue to cling to God and follow Him.  

As the girls get older it is harder and harder for them to say goodbye to the students.  Many of the students spend hours and hours at our place and build a strong relationship with us.  Last night Isabella had to keep giving hugs to everyone and she left in tears.  Many of the students fly out today.



Year end giving

Over the past few months we have been meeting with and contacting potential supporters.  We’ve meet with many old and new friends.  We are overwhelmed by their love and encouragement. We are so grateful!  Thank you.  

It has been good to be home for Christmas in Michigan.  It has been a blessing to spend time with our family and friends.  Seeing our children play with their cousins.  Arianna turned 1! And just enjoying the company of loved ones.

We are still in need to more monthly supporters or one time donations.  We are looking for 25 more people to commit to supporting us monthly.  

Please prayerfully consider joining us financially. TODAY is the last day to make a tax-deductible donation in 2015.  

We are moving  into 2016 with a passion and love of the Lord for the nations.  We will be traveling back to Minnesota this weekend.  
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