About Us


Hello there!

What this blog is all about

Thank you for stopping by our page! Here you will find stories and pictures of our day to day lives on the mission field with our children. Our desire is to use this ‘space’ to be honest, transparent, and open with things we experience and learn. We will share the things we see God at work in, in our own lives and in those around us. Being a mother and being in ministry can be crazy and little messy at time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We welcome you into our life.

Who we are

We are Edgar and Jamie Martinez and we have five beautiful children: Isabella, Emma, Arianna, Elijah and Ezekiel. We have a heart for loving and leading people to Jesus Christ.

What we do

We are serving as full-time missionaries with YWAM (youth with a mission). Our ministry focuses on encouraging, empowering, and equipping individuals in order to bring a transformation to our world.

If you are interested in supporting us please visit the “Donate/Pay” page on our site. You can also go right now directly to the MEI donation page to support us. Please let them know that it is for Edgar and Jamie Martinez and make sure to include in the line for Person/Project/Account: EJ3574 and in the message area

Thank you again for visiting our website! We hope you visit often.

3 thoughts on “About Us

    • ERIKA says:

      I’m so blessed every time that I read about your working and call to missions. I love watching God working a lot with all your family. I’m so encourage with the sacrificial life that both decided to take, in order to follow and please our Father God. Family it self is a big ministry, every children is a ministry. Go to serve a different places that have a big risk and to sacrifice totally the ” American comfort” bc of the love to the Gospel, is something that honestly I don’t see in the American missioners but all time in you!! May God bless you bc of that and give you 300 times all that you quit in order to follow His Call!! Love you and praying for you!!


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