How did we get our calling to go to the Purepecha Indian?

Well, we didn’t hear an audible voice or see a burning bush talk to us. It was more of a gentle nudge that built up into a deep yearning to go that lead into a full fledge I have to go. That all transpired over 10 years.

We meet Roberto, who is Purepecha about 10 years ago. Through him, we were introduce to the Purepecha Tribe and the town of Capácuaro. I can remember from the first time I visited I feel in love with the place. I definitely felt like a fish out of water in a whole new culture and customs to learn about. But the people, their faith, their passion for Christ is one that has left a mark on my life. I have great respect for the Christians in this area.

The Christian are persecuted and face backlash from their community. Some choose not to sell to them or converse. In more rural communities it’s even more extreme.

Before when we lived in Mexico we would go and visit about once a month. We would teach in the school, encourage the pastors and church members. Education weighs heavy on this mommas heart. Most of the children don’t even finish middle school and very few go on to higher education. The majority of them get married and start their own family.

It was roughly 6 years ago when we took a YWAM Discipleship Training Missions team to Capácuaro that this gentle nudge turned into a deep yearning to go. I remember we were sitting in the Pastors home sharing with the missions team and I began to tear up as I was translating. Which soon turned into me bailing and asking God “are you calling us here?”

It’s one of those memories that are recorded and stuck on repeat. With this memory comes the feeling of how immense Gods love is for the Purepecha. How God has seen how faithful the Purepecha Christians are and how God wants to raise them up.

We are honored to come alongside them. God has placed on Edgars heart to come alongside Pastor Camilo to encourage, equip, and empower him.

As an American I am sad to say that I’ve seen time and time again where the locals are not being raised up. Where we come in and give off an I know it all or I know what should be done to help you attitude. Or since we have the resource, we get to control or manipulate the ministry. I know I’ve acted this own way and it’s not correct. Many times we have great intentions, but they don’t always empower the people unfortunately.

We truely want to honor the locals. Come alongside their vision and calling. We want to empower them with the gospel. We want to see God move. We want to see miracles, revival, and a community transformed. One where people are free and restored.

The past two years God has been speaking to us about how we are to move and trust Him. We completely trust God with our lives and that of our family. God has been equipping me with strong desire of prayer and the importance of it in this region.

It was a little over two years ago as we were contemplating returning to Mexico that we starting asking God where. That’s when it turned into more than a deep yearning but a more fledge force push from God to go. It was that feeling you get right before you are pushed off a ledge or into the pool. That anxious feeling of this is going to happen, I’m scared, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

We can wait to get there. We know it won’t always be easy. But we rest assured in Gods calling.

4 thoughts on “How did we get our calling to go to the Purepecha Indian?

  1. Sue Klein says:

    What a joy to read your post, dear Jamie! You truly have a heart for sharing Jesus with people who do not know Him. Blessings to you all as you begin this new chapter in ministry.
    Love you!


  2. Ronda Reyna says:

    Is your husband of the Purepechan people? I found out my paternal grandmother was of that tribe and came to Texas at age 9. I am interested in helping share the Good News of Christ in any way I can.


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