Traveling through the Americas

For the past 7 months Edgar has been in another country more than what he’s been home. This year has brought many great moments and challenges. Edgar has been to Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico and Belize all within these past few months. Some of these places more than once. He has been busy teaching and discipling in some of our YWAM training schools and also leading many short-term mission trips.

As I’ve stayed back with the kids, God has really challenged me to teach my children how to be prayer warriors. To bring to his or her awareness that not everyone knows Jesus. I’ve been teaching them about World cultures and religions. Through this I’ve realized how much my kids, even in ministry, have been sheltered. I am not saying its a bad thing. It just has allowed me to explain what we do and why we do it.

Earlier this year Edgar went to the Dominican Republic to teach for a week. Something most people don’t realize is that ministry can be very exhausting emotionally and spiritually. For about 2 weeks prior to his trip he spent most his evening in deep prayer and seeking God’s counsel and guidance on what to teach. I am truly blessed to see how passionate and driven Edgar is to follow God’s will. He truly wanted to be inspired by God. During his time in the Dominican Republic a number of students comment to him, that they heard exactly what they’ve been asking God for answers of.

Edgar has been to Mexico a number of times this year. One of the big things God is doing in mission’s organizations right now is to end bible poverty. YWAM and a number of other organizations have come together to get Bibles out into every home in the world and get bibles translated either on film or print. We knew was that all the short-term teams that we worked with needed to hand out Bibles. 

One of the first groups this year brought a number of bibles down to Mexico with them and we purchased a few there as well. One of the students sensed from the Lord to bring a picture Bible. As they went home to home to hand out bibles and talk about what God has done in their lives. They came to a home and the student said, “this is the home”. He was referring to idea that he had dreams of this home. He knew this was the home for the picture bible that he brought.

While in Peru, they presented a VBS for more than 80 kids and help repaint the church. One of the best parts of leading the teams is being able to witness how God is touching the lives of the people. These mission trips allow youth to experience God in new ways and step out in faith and share what God has done in their lives.

Now not all the missions’ trips go off without a glitch. This past trip to Belize the bus that they used for transportation not only blew one tire but two! They were stuck on the side of the dirt road in the hot humid weather. But it’s in these moments when you decide to pray and take a deep breath.

There was a point this summer where I, Jamie, was frustrated with God. I was sick of being spiritually attacked. On almost every trip Edgar took something would happen the last couple of days before he came home. From getting sick, kids with injuries to grandparents passing away. And yet I could see how God had it all under control. I saw where God has gifted me with an amazing community and how faithful He is.

While Edgar was in Mexico he was able attend a YWAM International conference and visit where we will be moving this year. The kids are supper excited about moving to Mexico. I will be homeschooling them this coming year and I am so excited to teach them about their Mexican history!

We will be working in Capacuro, Michoacán with a local Pastor Camillo and his wife Vero. We will be coming alongside them to bring the gospel to the Purépecha people. Unfortunately, Christians do face slight persecution and the Bible is not fully translated and available to everyone. We have been gifted with a cool program that has an audio version of the Bible in Purépecha and the Jesus film.

One thought on “Traveling through the Americas

  1. Sue Klein says:

    It was a joy to read your post, dear Jamie! It’s great to see how God is using you and your family to reach people for Jesus! Blessings to you as you prepare to make this move with your family, and follow God’s leading to Mexico.
    Hugs! 😘


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