Sheep and the Shepherd

Working in the Highlands of the Purépecha Nation, there are many shepherds.  Often or not, it is the women or children.  You will see them herding the sheep out to the pastures or back home at the end of the day.  The sheep chewing on small pieces of grass that pop up in-between the rocky … Continue reading Sheep and the Shepherd

The Hardships of being a Missionary.

Sometimes being a missionary isn't easy. Yes, it can look like the dream job. Traveling to a foreign country, trying new food, learning a new language, meeting new people, and doing ministry for the Lord. However, there are so many sides of being a missionary that missionaries just don't talk about. There are many reasons … Continue reading The Hardships of being a Missionary.

Relationships are Essential

These first few months we have been working on building relationships with members of the church and community.  Our weekly schedule is filled with home visits and church services. You can find us in the village from noon time until 8 pm most days.  We eat meals with them and sit around the table or … Continue reading Relationships are Essential

How did we get our calling to go to the Purepecha Indian?

Well, we didn’t hear an audible voice or see a burning bush talk to us. It was more of a gentle nudge that built up into a deep yearning to go that lead into a full fledge I have to go. That all transpired over 10 years. We meet Roberto, who is Purepecha about 10 … Continue reading How did we get our calling to go to the Purepecha Indian?

Traveling through the Americas

This past year has been exceptional with Edgar traveling about 2 weeks every month. He has been busy sharing God's gospel to the Nations. He has been teaching in YWAM training schools, YWAM conferences, and leading short term missions trips.

We need you!  Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Give a gift that keeps giving. We cannot do what we do without the support of people like you. We need 10 more people who would like to donate monthly to our ministry at YWAM at the amount of $25 a month. That is only $300 a year, less than a $1 a day! Or … Continue reading We need you!  Give a gift that keeps on giving.

What kind of storm are you going through right now?

We all go through storms. But Jesus reassures us that He is there with us in the storm.

How God Impacts Youth on Missions Trips

As I sit here and read the evolutions and testimonies from this summer mission trips, I sit in awe of God. Each one saying, “Exactly what I needed, perfect, awesome, life changing, eye opening, it was amazing.” They go one to say how they didn’t realize the brokenness around them, how they learned to have … Continue reading How God Impacts Youth on Missions Trips