The Hardships of being a Missionary.

Sometimes being a missionary isn’t easy. Yes, it can look like the dream job. Traveling to a foreign country, trying new food, learning a new language, meeting new people, and doing ministry for the Lord. However, there are so many sides of being a missionary that missionaries just don’t talk about.

There are many reasons missionaries leave the field. Some of the hardships involve is the discouragement with results of the ministry and progress in the church. It can be hard for some to adapt to the new language and culture. Missionaries are often tagged with the identity of foreigners which represents wealth and creates a barrier. The majority of missionaries are underfunded and under supported spiritual from their sending churches and partnerships.

However, the biggest struggle for a missionary family is how their children react to being on the mission field. The hardest thing is seeing your child struggle, in pain, and not comprehending the culture of the people. Our children face unique challenges that no parent wants their children to go through. It takes extra grace and wisdom from the Lord. It’s not easy seeing your children covered in flea bites. Knowing that is the reality of people we minister to that they face daily. It’s not easy seeing them cry in pain. It is one thing for us as parents to have them but it hurts to see them suffer. It’s not easy to explain to your children why they were bitten by fleas or why fleas are so prominent. It’s hard to explain the aspect of another culture to young children.

Children are resilient. My children have taught me that they are strong. My children have shown me that they love no matter the conditions. My children have learned that life is not always easy.

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