How to Bless Us

I am talking about ways to bless us other than through prayer and financial support. I am talking about the things that we secretly wish for and that I personally never vocalize.

Its taken a long time to actually write this down and publish it. I am not one to share things that I wish for. To me it has to be something that is absolutely necessary. But I’ve come to realize that other people might want to get us something but just don’t know what. So I’ve decide to just put it out there.

Send us a Hello – we love hearing from everyone

It can get lonely and its easy to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Feel free to just send a quick message or email to us. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. It can be as simple as “Hi”, “Thinking of you”, or “Praying for you”.

Do you have kids? Great! We do too! Actually we have five 🙂

Our kids love interacting with other people, especially other kids. They love watching short video clips, pictures, FaceTime, getting mail, you name it they love it. It would be fun for our kids to be pen pals via modern inter-waves even if its once a year.

General Wish List

  • itunes gift cards (to purchase educational games for the kids or music)
  • Coffee maker with grinder