Prayer Request

If you’ve landed here our hope is that you have a heart for prayer. Perhaps God has placed it on your heart but you just don’t know how or are wondering if there is anything in specific that you can pray on our behalf. And we thank you for that. We truly can not do our ministry without all the prayer warriors. Prayer is what fuels our ministry. We can feel the difference.

Pray for Effective Ministry

It’s important to us that we rely on the Holy Spirit and God’s guidance even in the tough times when it seems to be fruitless but also in the time of ripeness. Pray that our eyes are continually on God and his perspective of the ministry. That God’s gospel will spread and it will touch the lives of the people

Pray for Open Hearts

In order for God to move, hearts need to be open. Pray that God will lead us to people who have open hearts. That God opens doors for ministry, friendship and partnerships.

Pray for Boldness

Living as an introvert (Jamie) in an extrovert line of work. As someone who likes to maintain the peace it can be hard to be bold at times. But I know that God is calling me too. Pray that I don’t act out of fear but out of the assurance of God’s truth. Pray that we are bold against the evil forces that want to impede the ministry.

Pray for Protection

In this world we live in there are dangers all around us. Pray that God keeps us safe. That He goes before us and puts a hedge of protection around us. That God would change the hearts of those whom would want to cause harm.

Pray for Refreshment

In missions, life can be uncertain at times. As missionaries we often like to call it “being flexible.” Things can change from day to day. Our ministry or work is all around us 24/7. Ministry is being relational. We can deal with many stressful situations, overwhelming workloads, conflicts, and the spiritual weight of it all. Pray that God gives us strength and encouragement. Pray that we can have times of rest. So we can be reenergized and give 100%.