God’s nature and Character 

This past week was one of my favorites in the training school here at YWAM.  Normally Edgar and I do a tag team teaching on God’s nature and character for a week.  However, since I am 38 weeks pregnant, this year I opted out of teaching.  I did end up translating for Edgar a few of the session times.  I don’t think I would have lasted standing any more hours since we often had morning and evening class time. 

My favorite thing about this class is to challenge each students worldview of how they view God and what do they truelly believe in.  Many questions come up: does God really know the future, did God know that man would sin, who is the Godhead and so many more.  

Edgar challenged them to give up their cell phones for a week.  The majority of the 15 students gave them up.  Unfortunetly, many times our phones get more attention than our relationship with Jesus and they become an idol.  

Please pray for the 15 students that they may grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Many of them barely know even the books of the Bibles.  I feel so blessed to have grown up in a Christian home where I went to church twice on Sunday and to a Christian school where I got to know who God was and also my Bible very well.  These students come from all over the world: England, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and USA.  

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