What does Urban Missions look like?

Currently a large number of missionaries live in the big city. Our world today is exploding and becoming very modern around the globe. People are leaving the rural communities to find jobs in the city and its modern connivances. Many of those who live in rural communities have TVs, cell phones and social media. 
The Minneapolis-St. Paul population is around 3.3 million. There is a HUGE need here and in many other big cities around the world. Our cities need to be reached like never before. How we serve those in the city looks very different than those in rural communities. Let’s face it, urban ministry is more sit down for café, message over Facebook, texting, calling and social media. It’s having people over for a meal and being a part of their life. It’s about mentoring people who are deeply damaged by verbal and social abuse they’ve experienced. It’s about helping people find God’s calling in life and identity in Him. It’s about bringing people into the family of God.

There are so many things in our world today that distract us from God. From spending time in His word, from listening to His voice, from trusting in Him and from just having a relationship with Him. 

I just want to encourage you to live an intentional, authentic, purposeful and deeply love those who are around you. Our cities are full of diverse number of people who come from all different backgrounds. We need to love the immigrant who is here legally or not, the refugee, the single mom, those teenage boys, the checkout lady who seems cranky and everyone else. We need to share God’s love wherever we are.

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