The non-conformist natural mom

There has been this movement among moms on being more natural in our child rising. There is a ton of information and propaganda for home births or less invasive child births, eating all natural food, cloth diapers, baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and so on. It almost seems like if you aren’t doing this then you’re a bad mom. (Not true.)

  • I am a baby-wearing momma, who loves strollers and the floor.
  • I am a cloth-diapering momma, who loves disposable. (Up&Up brand)
  • I am a breast-feeding momma, who is too lazy to wash bottles.
  • I am a home birth/natural birth momma, who has quick labors.
  • I am a co-sleeping momma, who loves the crib too.
  • I am a healthy food momma, who loves fruit snacks and Dr. Pepper.

So yes, I am a non-conformist natural mom because that is what works for us. I love putting my baby in one of my carriers when we are out, but once we are home she goes on the floor to explore. Cloth diapers are excellent but who wants to carry then around when you are grocery shopping. It just doesn’t go. It is true; breast-feeding is just easy for me. The idea of having to pump or wash bottles just makes be want to take a nap. I love home births; my second was born at home. The first and third where born at the hospital with no interventions, actually the last two where precipitous labors. My babies fall asleep in their crib and then somewhere during the middle of the night they come and join us.   I try to make healthy food, but it is not all that healthy.

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