Cloth diapers

At the time, we were living in Mexico and I was about 8 months pregnant with our first-born. I had heard of cloth diapers before. I even had a friend of mine our uses cloth diapers. I kind of figured that I would, just for the economical reason. We went to a Mommy and Baby Expo, and to my surprise there was only one retailer of cloth diapers there. So, naturally we decided to by 3 cloth diapers to see if it was for us.

IMG_0124 3
A little fact about Mexico, disposable diapers are quit expensive and the economical diapers are pure plastic that don’t even work well.   Huggies and Pampers are about twice as expensive there. (Plus, I’ve tried them and I still don’t like them). So when we had heard about cloth diaper, it was like, well yes. For the first 4 months of our first childshe used disposable diapers until I went to visit my family in the USA and brought back 15 more cloth diapers.

Now, I didn’t start cloth diapering like the majority of moms do. It was kind of my only option if I wanted to not go through a thousand of diapers a day or spend tons of money.

IMG_0120 2I wasn’t so excited for the whole washing process. The good thing is that we did have a washer and a clothesline. Now, I did have to wash them about every other day to not run out of them. And the poop wasn’t actually that bad, as I had imagined. They have grown on me 3 children later. The only thing I don’t like is the smell of the cloth diapers that are dirty. Although, I am probably not doing something right. Now, people would probably say that I am not totally committed to cloth diapering since I still use wet wipes instead of cloth wipes. For whatever reason, my daughter would get rashes with the cloth ones.

I have to admit, they are pretty cute! Plus, they come in handy when potty training. I use them without the liner, that way they still catch the poop. And they save me a ton of money. Especially since the majority of my cloth diapers have been given to me.

IMG_0097 3

I still use disposables from time to time. Like when we go out. Really I don’t like carry around a diaper bag, so I only bring my small purse with me with a 2 diapers, some wipes in a plastic bag and an onesies. I often find my little one exploding out of a disposable diaper, ugh, and with the cloth diapers it is always contained!

So I would have to say, I am a fan of cloth diapers!

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