To the Mom with 3 kids under 3

IsabellaWhen my 3rd daughter was born we couldn’t have been more excited. God had blessed us with 3 little girls. It never had really dawned on me that my oldest was still 3 yrs old with her birthday 6 months away. Until I heard all the gasps for air, the ‘wows’ and the ‘oh my’ and the question “how do you do it?”

I didn’t think anything of it. To be honest, I don’t know anything different or have anything to compare it to. I think its great that there is roughly 21-month gap between each one.

My favorite part of the day is when they all are in our bed in the morning. I love how well or not so well they play together. I love how I get to teach them how to share and play with others. And oh boy, do we ever have cry parties. I love how all my girls are so different in personality. It is crazy how if one child cries they all go off like a fire alarm.


Chaos is a norm. By no means do I ever have a completely clean house even though it seems like I am always cleaning. Toys are everywhere. We have to go searching in desk and under a sofa to make sure they all go back to the toy hallway each evening. Basically, so mommy doesn’t see them or step on them. My girls know the ‘clean up’ song too well. Our place is tiny, so clutter piles up quickly. But I love my beautiful mess.

I love how I can just pass the clothes right on down to the next child without haven’t to store them away. I can add professional diaper changer to my résumé. I could probably join the circus and show off my ability to do almost anything with one hand and holding another child in the other arm.

I’ve learned to let things go. It’s okay it let the girls make a mess while helping me cook or if the clean laundry is scattered throughout the floor due to my daughter dropping it half way to her room. I often find myself moving jostling around even after the kids go to bed.

To all those who gasp at the sound of 3, 3 and under, its fun! You may call me crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way. My girls teach me so much each day or what is really important.


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