Are you resting?

Sometimes I don’t realize what a hectic pace I keep until it becomes to hectic and exhausting to keep up with.  It’s in those mornings when I decide I’d rather give up on my expectation of the day and just sit in my pjs drinking coffee, letting the dishes pile up, letting go of my to do list and just enjoy my children.  Enjoy listening to them laugh in the other room, listen to my little one resting on me and more important listening to God.  

God calls us to rest.  He rested and gave us an entire day. But often we don’t take that day to rest.  I often find that I don’t rest because deep down I believe the world rests on my shoulders. What I mean is that I feel obligated to take care of the house, kids, and others before resting in Him and taking care of myself.  It’s easy to let the to-do list control our pace, but sometimes we need a break from the everyday life priorities to fill our souls.  

It’s easy to feel like we need to accomplish something, but many times we are left with feelings of doubt. That we are failing at life.  That our house isn’t clean or organized enough, that we don’t volunteer enough, that we aren’t a good enough wife, a good friend and the list goes on.  

For me it means less striving and more life. I am exhausted and feel depleted by giving so much to the world around me that I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself. I crave to have deeper more meaningful relationships, but I don’t feel like I have the time or energy.

I realized during a time of exhaustion when I was forced to rest, God asked me, “what are your priorities and are they mine?” After a time of reflection I realized that I needed to rest more and do less of the to-do list and just enjoy life with my family and others.  

First, I need to rest more in God and allow time for Him to speak to me and not just hurry onto the next thing. (It can be very hard when there are four little ones depending on you). It’s in that time I am forced to sit face to face with my unhealthy need for achievement and affirmation and seek what God says.   

Second, was to celebrate life with everyone.  That means doing funny and silly things with the kids and letting the house get messy for a while.  

For me it means redefining rest because watching tv at night is not rest. But going to bed is or having a meaningful conversation with someone or spending time in God’s word.

So I encourage all of you to analyze whether things on your priority list are contributing to your soul care or are just delaying it.  When was the last time you rested? And rested in God?

6 thoughts on “Are you resting?

  1. Kelly says:

    I should actually be heading to bed right now but the thing title of this kept me up for just one more! I am trying to rest more, and listen rather than speak. To be still in His presence, rather than rush through. Wonderful post and a great reminder to all who read!


  2. Leah says:

    I certainly struggle with this as well. I usually spend my “days of rest” on the weekend buying groceries, cleaning, laundry, ect. like you mentioned. Any, beautiful correlation of not only resting by not doing housework, ect. but to truly rest in the LORD. There is no better place to be.


  3. lifeloveandlittlesblog says:

    Beautiful correlation to not only rest by not doing work, but to truly rest in the LORD–which is the best place to be. Thank you for sharing your heart! You are not alone in how you feel.

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  4. Amy Bihl says:

    Wonderful post and such a great reminder that we can only find true rest in Him! I’m guilty of letting the world’s priorities get in the way of my time with God- and even time with my family. We don’t take dishes and laundry and careers to heaven with us. God wants us to store up heavenly treasures- a relationship with Him and a relationship with others. Loving your blog so far! 🙂


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