When you learn to speak English 

At the core of what Edgar and I have been called to, now and throughout our years in missions, is to help people see themselves as God sees them…precious, worthy, valuable – their true identity…not how the world sees them or even how they see themselves.
We are so grateful to work in Minnesota with so many different people from different nations. One of the things that I love is how God has placed people from all over the Americas of different languages for His glory together.

Isabella hanging out with the students on a cultural outing

Throughout the year YWAM Minneapolis runs 6 different training programs to rise up the next generation for missions. One is the English Cross-Cultural Orientation where young people come in from other countries to learn English and to better understand the American culture. They come with a strong desire to deepen their relationship with God, but also to learn English in order to further spread the gospel.

students standing under their country flag

In January 12 students from Brazil, Columbia, Chile and Mexico arrived. Edgar worked one on one with them during their discipleship classes, driving them to the store and hanging out with them at our place. One of the most important things is having a genuine relationship. It’s where they open up and allows God to use us to speak into their life.

For the majority of them, this is a break from their busy life to really set everything aside to listen to God for direction in their life. It is a time where they are stretched, out of their comfort zone, language, culture, family, and can only depend on God.

Here are a few of students:

Ruth and Leo have been working in Haiti for the past 5 years and came to learn English to better communicate with the other missionaries and NGOs. They are going back to Chile to have their first child and to raise support before heading back to Haiti indefinitely. In Haiti they work with an orphanage sharing God’s love in a tangible way to children.

Evelyn and Rueben are from Brazil and are engaged to be married in late fall. They are currently studying and working to be medical missionaries in Africa. They have worked with YWAM in Brazil for a number of years. Evelyn is a RN and is interested in learning more about natural remedies to prevent disease and sickness without conventional medicine.


Vanessa is a 19 year old from Tijuana, Mexico. She recently graduated high school and is seeking God out for her future. She has a heart for children’s and youth ministry. She is currently in the Discipleship Training School and has a heart for missions. She is discovering God’s will for her life.

We strive to make a everyone feel valued just as God values them. Yes, at times its hard to understand them. Yes, it takes patience. Yes, it takes sacrifice of time and vulnerability to allow them into our life. Just as there are moments in my life that I’d rather be a home body and not be relational. I realize that God has created me to be in relation with others just as he is with us and himself. Each day its a struggle to grow more and more like Him, especially when it takes me out of my routine and comfort zone.  

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