Impacting lives right here

We are currently impacting lives in the Latino Community. We are strategically working with three Hispanic churches on a regular basis by offering a discipleship program for their youth and support to the leaders. The Hispanic church in the Twin Cities is one of the fastest growing churches and the majority do not have an established youth group or program. Unfortunately many of the youth feel disconnected from the church because of the cultural difference between the first generation latinos and their generation. We are bringing greater awareness to the Pastors and adding in bridging the gap between them.  

Edgar spends his weekends in the city visiting one on one with many of the young male Latino adults. He gives one-on-one discipleship to them, uplifting them in their calling and identity. He encourages them to be more involved in their church. They will often drop by our place and soon our place is full of men watching a soccer game and having an intense discussion about God at the same time.   

Edgar supports the youth leaders by giving a discipleship class to their youth every Saturday. He also gives pastoral care and encouragement to the different youth leaders. We also provide them a number of resources and are communicating with them through out the week. Our goal is to see healthy youth groups connected with their church and community. 

At the core of what Edgar and I have been called to is to help people see themselves as God sees them…precious, worthy, valuable – their true identity…not how the world sees them or even how they see themselves. It can be a lengthy process, to remove all the lies and replace them with truths. That is why one-on-one discipleship is so important and our relationship with them.

This past year we have seen this growth through a young man named, Joel. He has grown deeper in his relationship with Jesus and has helped lead a number of short-term missions trips with us this past summer. He has a desire to return to Mexico and start a church in his home town. He is currently working in his church here and is leading a young adults group.  

We are so grateful for the Hispanic church and for what God is doing through them. The Hispanic church is fairly young in the Twin Cities but it is a passionate church. Their doors are opened every day and are reaching out to their community. It is a pleasure to work with them. In the warmer months we spend our time helping them organize different outreach programs in their community.  

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