10 Things I’ve learned about Little Humans.

Mother’s Day hold a special place in my heart.  It’s the day to celebrate each one of my kids for making me who I am.  It’s like wraping up my birthday, their birthdays and all the women before me in one day.

These little humans remind me that motherhood is a gift that must be fostered. Each day brings its own challenges but also triumphs. It’s about celebrating life little joys and finding laughter in the chaos.  It’s about creating a family who loves you no matter what. 

This is for all the mothers out there. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned as a mother.  I am sure many of you can relate.

  1. Little humans have no regard for personal space. I swear the bathroom is their favorite place to hold a conversation with you.
  2. Little humans always have a strange smell.  It’s either sweat, poop or spoiled milk. 
  3. Little humans always want something else to eat or drink. They only want chocolate, candy or chips to eat not whatever you’re trying to feed them. Some of them even prefer dirt.
  4. Little humans don’t know how to sleep in.  They must be up before the crack of dawn. 
  5. Little humans laundry is a never ending job. Either they change so often in a day or they go without clothes.  Oh and all the bedding that they pee on.
  6. Little humans depend on you for everything.  From food, housing, diaper changes, clothes, finding their missing toy and to picking up the toys because they all of a sudden have become to tired to pick them up.  Or my all time favorite is that their arms hurt too much so they need to go sit down in the couch but they need you to transport them there.
  7. Little humans have the best humor.  They can giggle for no reason and at anything. 
  8. Little humans don’t need any fancy toys.  Nope.  They just need dirt, water, Tupperware and cardboard boxes.  
  9. Little humans think you are the greatest.  They want to learn from you, they want to be at your side all day, they will copy whatever you do.  Even those bad habits of yours.
  10. Little humans always have the best timing.  They always have to go to the bathroom while we are eating or while we are in the car.  It’s never beforehand.  They even prefer to go in the middle of the night.  

Motherhood can be difficult. It’s not an instant gratification thing all the time. Sometimes it’s pretty hard.  Especially when they are all whinnying and crying.  That’s when you go lock yourself in the closet and eat from your secret stash of chocolate.

Motherhood brings out the emotions that you never knew you had. It’s like a roller coaster.  You can go from laughing to crying to screaming to laughing to feeling worried to zombie mood to happy.  

Motherhood is full of laughter because if you don’t you will go insane. 

Motherhood is the greatest gift.  It’s a joy to raise these little humans and mold them more into God’s character.  It’s breathtaking to be part of the miracle of life. It’s amazing to see the uniqueness of each of my little humans.  

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