When you learn to speak English 

At the core of what Edgar and I have been called to, now and throughout our years in missions, is to help people see themselves as God sees them...precious, worthy, valuable - their true identity...not how the world sees them or even how they see themselves. We are so grateful to work in Minnesota with … Continue reading When you learn to speak English 


 Last night 17 students from 6 different nations graduated from our Discipleship Training School. It was a special night with friends and family to celebrate God's transforming work in their lives and through their lives! They were commissioned to go forth and preach the gospel to all nations.   They received 3 months of teachings here … Continue reading Graduation

Year end giving

Over the past few months we have been meeting with and contacting potential supporters.  We've meet with many old and new friends.  We are overwhelmed by their love and encouragement. We are so grateful!  Thank you.   It has been good to be home for Christmas in Michigan.  It has been a blessing to spend … Continue reading Year end giving

Pine Ridge

This is what we are called to do — to wrap our arms around the least of these and bring them into the center of God’s love.

Marlene’s Story: How God provides for his children

This summer,  Mission Adventures (short-term mission trips for groups; which we lead) sent teams to minister to those in Peru, Mexico, Minneapolis and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  To show them God’s love and to let them know that they matter and belong in God’s family. One of the groups went down to Peru and this … Continue reading Marlene’s Story: How God provides for his children

Packing Tip

I am going to let you in on a secret.  Someone, a teacher/mentor, once told me. (Unfortunately I have a bad memory and don't specifically remember who it was).   Always keep any extra pair of clothes in your carry on.  If you don't have a carry on then in your purse/small hand bag. When … Continue reading Packing Tip


  God recently has called me to start painting again.  Painting calms me - brings peace. This painting is of a Mexican woman who I meet roughly 6 years ago.  She is from an indigenous area where her life is hard.  She only has a few clothes, the weather conditions are harsh, homes made of adobe … Continue reading Art

Community and children 

I am so grateful that my children are able to grow up in a community.  A community of believers from all sorts of backgrounds, young and old.  My children learn how to relate to 3 yr olds, 18 yr olds, 28 yr olds, and 58 yr olds.  People from different countries and cultures.  It's great! … Continue reading Community and children