Reaching Minneapolis 

This past spring we worked with Redeemer Lutheran Church from Minnesota  and King’s School from Seattle, Washington. 

We discovered Gods heart for the city and for the people.  God opened our eyes to what is going on around us.  We saw the need to share Gods love.  With thousand of immigrants and refugees flooding to the Twin Cities, the downtown is an ever changing melting pot of the nations.  It’s common to walk the streets and easily hear 3 different languages spoken. It’s like stepping into another world and walking from one country to another all within the same city.  

We went around the city handing out lunches to homeless and praying for people. We started by just praying and asking God to show us who we should talk to.  It’s not common for Christians to step out of the church doors and go up to people and just talk. Actually when I mention to youth pastors the idea of evangelism, almost always, they shoot down the idea.  They rather do serve projects, children’s ministry or helping out at a shelter. It’s too far out of our comfort zone.  But in all reality it shouldn’t be.  It should be a natural overflow of our love for God.  Unfortunately we allow the fear of man set in.  “What will they think of me”, “what if they reject me”, “I don’t know what to say.”  

Everyone desires to be loved.  People deep down want to have real and honest relationships and conversations with other people.

As we walked, we talked to numerous people.  But one in particular stood out.  We kept seeing graffiti that stood out to us. As some of the girls took pictures a young mom came out with her two daughters.  I started talking immediately with her.  Found out her husband works for a Christian ministry that feeds the homeless.  We talked for about 30 minutes and we were able to encourage her and pray for them.  

Just around the corner we saw another group talking with the a man.  Their conversation went on for more than an hour.  Another group talked with a man who was at first very indifferent. As they continued he started to cry.  

There a many wonderful ministries that work downtown.  It’s amazing to see and be a part of what God is doing in the city.  Especially to see the power of God once you allow Him to use you.

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