I can’t believe it’s been 5 years

As I reflect and think back, I am flooded with emotions. It already seems like a life time ago. So much has happened-a change of country, 2 more children, and lots of life experiences.

I remember it so very clearly. We had been living with my in-laws for a month while our apartment was getting redone and ready for us to live in.  My in-laws have a small two bedroom apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Where my in-laws lived, my sister-in-law, and the rest of the extended family coming in and out constantly.  

So when the day came for us to move into our place. I was so happy.  It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Not that I didn’t  like living with my in-laws.  It was more of the nesting; of having everything in its place, cleaned and ready for baby.  And I am a little of a control freak and wanted everything in its place where I wanted it.  I think mostly because childbirth is uncertain and non controllable.  

It was about 9 or 10 at night.  We finally had everything at our place and our bed ready.  We lived in a neighborhood where you could literally walk to everything.  So we went to grab dinner and a few things for breakfast.  On our way back I remember feeling a sharp pain.  I stopped and told Edgar.  Then we continued on, go home, we talked for a while and unpacked some more.  An hour had gone by and then finally I felt another cramp like pain.

I was getting kind of excited but yet thinking that’s it’s Braxton hix.  So we decided to go to bed.  Edgar was out within minutes. Me on the other hand – not even close.  About 15 minutes later I felt another and then another. It all of a sudden was about every 5-15 minutes.  

I remember thinking let Edgar rest as much as he can. I didn’t want him awake if it was a false alarm. 

One of my greatest fears was to have a cesarean. Mexico has one of the highest cesarean delivery rates internationally at 49%. The second highest in the Western Hemisphere.  The most interesting statistics was that in the private sector hospitals the rate jumped to 70.1% (27.5% emergencies and 42.6% planned). And I had this fear that if I was to go in that I would end up with an unnecessary cescerean birth.  I had read and educated myself on natural child birth. Talked to a number of different women who had given birth in Mexico.  Heard many stories of planned and emergency cescereans.  I actually contemplated the idea of a traditional midwife (which in this case I am referring to the elderly ladies of a village who helps those in childbirth that have no degree in that field).  But was to afraid that something could go wrong and that I would be to far away from a hospital.  My mind was consumed with all these fears.

I remember telling myself to not let others see my fear.  Knowing that if I spoke it out that my fear would increase.  Based upon the reaction of that other person.  I was tell myself to trust in the Lord and to cast all my fears upon Him.

So I continued to have contractions throughout the night at every 5 minute lasting roughly a minute.  Finally at 4 am I woke Edgar up.  At this point I was pacing back and forth in the little apartment hallway.  I packed my bags for the hospital.  Drank lots of water and was literally going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  I ate breakfast at this time.  Around 5 am we called the Obgyn and told her what was going on.  She told us that we would have another 10 hours or more of labor.  At this point I started to doubt if I could do it naturally.  Then about 30 minutes later the contractions switched gear and started coming faster, longer and harder.  I heard that water can take the pain away and sometimes even slow them down plus I was sweaty. So I jumped in the shower, yeah I was out of there as fast as I got in.  Told Edgar that we had to call my Obgyn back and tell her that we were on our way to the hospital.  That was an hour from our place in good traffic.  Thankful it was still early enough.  He called her and know what she told us, “if Jamie is not crying, she’s not far enough to go in, so I’ll see you at my office in an hour.”  So we hoped in the car.  

All I remember was thinking just breath, stay calm, don’t come out yet.  With every bump and pot hole, I kept thinking Lord give me the strength I need. It was one of the longest car ride I have even been in.

As we stood waiting, my arms wrapped around Edgar’s shoulders swaying side to side to ease the pain.  Once my Obgyn saw us, she told us to jump in her car.  The hospital was just blocks away.  Once there she took me into an examination room to see how far along I was. All I can remember was her yelling, “I see the head” quickly Edgar was whisked away to put on his Blue suit and I was wheeled down the hallway.  Which ment I was holding onto the arm rest holding up my body. (I didn’t want to sit on baby’s head after hearing that).  

Literally Isabella Grace came out in 3 pushes at 7 am.  Perfect and heathy weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.  

It took us a long time to decide on her name.  Isabella means devoted to God and Grace means goodness and generosity of God’s grace. Thus, meaning she is devoted to God and of showing His goodness, generosity and grace.  

We speak that over her yesterday, today and forever!  

Happy birthday Isabella!!!


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