End of year giving

We are in need of more committed monthly financial support. Your support goes directly to sustaining the ministry. Our entire income & ministry expenses comes from supporters…like you! Churches, families & individuals have sacrificed from their own finances so we can do what we do. You can make a one time donation or set up … Continue reading End of year giving


I am so thankful that God has blessed us with three beautiful girls and a boy on the way.  They have taught me so much on the topic of thankfulness.   You see, every time I get frustrated, tired or butt heads with them I am reminded that children are a gift from God.  I … Continue reading Thankful

Reaching Minneapolis 

This past spring we worked with Redeemer Lutheran Church from Minnesota  and King's School from Seattle, Washington.  We discovered Gods heart for the city and for the people.  God opened our eyes to what is going on around us.  We saw the need to share Gods love.  With thousand of immigrants and refugees flooding to … Continue reading Reaching Minneapolis 

Year end giving

Over the past few months we have been meeting with and contacting potential supporters.  We've meet with many old and new friends.  We are overwhelmed by their love and encouragement. We are so grateful!  Thank you.   It has been good to be home for Christmas in Michigan.  It has been a blessing to spend … Continue reading Year end giving


  God recently has called me to start painting again.  Painting calms me - brings peace. This painting is of a Mexican woman who I meet roughly 6 years ago.  She is from an indigenous area where her life is hard.  She only has a few clothes, the weather conditions are harsh, homes made of adobe … Continue reading Art

Community and children 

I am so grateful that my children are able to grow up in a community.  A community of believers from all sorts of backgrounds, young and old.  My children learn how to relate to 3 yr olds, 18 yr olds, 28 yr olds, and 58 yr olds.  People from different countries and cultures.  It's great! … Continue reading Community and children 

Courage To Face Your Real Missionary Mom Fears

As a missionary mom there are two different paths on how to raise children. Neither one is easier or better, people have to decide for themselves and both have pros and cons. Each family is different. The first, one-parent stays at home being the primary caretaker homeschooling, homemaking, and inviting people into their home. The … Continue reading Courage To Face Your Real Missionary Mom Fears


I have learned that the greatest threat to my life is complacency. If the enemy can get me to dull down my pursuit of God, then Satan has no need to tempt me with sin. It’s the sad reality that it’s easy to fall asleep spiritually from being way to comfortable. It’s not okay to just … Continue reading Complacency

The non-conformist natural mom

There has been this movement among moms on being more natural in our child rising. There is a ton of information and propaganda for home births or less invasive child births, eating all natural food, cloth diapers, baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and so on. It almost seems like if you aren’t doing this then you’re … Continue reading The non-conformist natural mom